We have been producing items and metal components made by means of banking and/or drawing processes, mechanical machining, 2D and 3D laser cutting and/or welding for more than 45 years. We work stainless-steel, aluminium, copper and its alloys, iron.

We produce million of parts every year, with lots that vary from a few dozens to hundred of pieces every month. We are able to carry out both single workings on the products and complete assembled articles. The company owns an area of about 3.000 m², of new realization, of which 2.000 m² are covered and used for the production.
We are placed in Conca D’oro,Valle Sabbia, at about 25 Km from Brescia and from the motorway A4.


Our customers think of us as one of their production department. We cooperate in the planning, prototyping and production of their items. We buy new machineries and new technologies every year. We make inside our factory as many workings as possible. Doing so, we cut the costs of transport, safeguarding patents and copyrights, as well as plans and products.

The secret of creativeness is to hide your own sources.
Albert Einstein

We can be competitive in a more and more crowded market only if we offer a complete and flexible service that can solve the customers’ problems. Doing so, the product is only one of the ingredients of the service. We want to have with our customers a relationship that is founded on confidence and on the reliability of our proposals and of our service. Our goal is to be a reliable partner as for the quality of our products, our technical competence, competitiveness and punctuality in the carrying out of orders.

The company has been a family-owned business for more than 45 years. Thanks to the commitment of three generations and thanks to a constant increase in investments, the company can plan and carry out long-lasting jobs.

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